NeuroNode and wrist strap
The NeuroNode

Technology Like No Other

Wireless, Wearable Sensor

The NeuroNode is the world’s only wireless, wearable sensor that gives the user the ability to access their technology by bioelectric signals or spatial movements.

Unlike any other sensor, the NeuroNode uses the body’s EMG signals or 3D spatial awareness to give the user control. Individuals can access their computer, phone, tablet, and more with the NeuroNode.

Use the NeuroNode to control devices like the Obi Dining Robot

The NeuroNode

Flexibility and Independence

The NeuroNode is flexible and doesn’t require a specific body position or lighting conditions to activate. The one-of-a-kind technology gives individuals control over their surroundings.

Ideal for those with degenerative neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, and other conditions with movement restrictions, the NeuroNode gives users the independence to make life-changing connections.

EMG Technology

Full Muscle Control

Identify the intent of muscle activity, recognizing even the slightest electrical impulse.

EMG, or electromyography, is the measurement of electrical activity associated with the activation of a muscle group. The NeuroNode uses EMG technology to identify the intent of muscle activity, recognizing even the slightest electrical impulse.

Spatial Option

A sensor that moves with you

Turns movement into a selection on a device, no matter how big or small.

With traditional switches, users must move to a specific point to make their activation.  Initiating and timing this movement can be hard. With the NeuroNode, the sensor is wearable and can be anywhere in space when the activation movement is made, removing the requirement to move to the switch first.

Wireless and Wearable

Flexible Placement

Place the NeuroNode anywhere on the body to get an electrical signal or spatial recognition.

The NeuroNode is wireless, allowing users to place the sensor anywhere on the body easily without worrying about a power source or connected wires. The sensor can be adapted to place small lead wires on the face or smaller parts of the body without interference.


Controller Application

The NeuroNode Controller App connects to the NeuroNode device via Bluetooth.

Included with the NeuroNode is the NeuroNode Controller Application, which is pre-installed on the user’s iOS or Windows device. Designed to pair with the NeuroNode sensor, this application is used to set the signaling parameters while simultaneously graphing the user’s EMG or spatial signals (providing visual and auditory biofeedback) to ensure optimal signal outcomes for efficient and effective control of the user’s device.


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24/7 technical support. Anywhere, anytime.

You’ll always have a resource to help with your device. 

We can support a NeuroNode user anywhere in the world via email, phone, or internet-enabled virtual visit. You’ll have access to our network of support that allows the device user to keep using their voice, even through technical difficulties. Learn More

NeuroNode Trilogy

Upgrade to the NeuroNode Trilogy

Start with the NeuroNode and upgrade to the NeuroNode Trilogy with the addition of a tablet and eye gaze camera for communication. Whether your condition changes or access methods need improvement, it’s a simple upgrade to the NeuroNode Trilogy.

NeuroNode Accessory Kit

What’s in the Box

  • NeuroNode
  • Small and large band
  • Wireless charging base
  • NeuroNode Accessory Kit

“I no longer get tired because I use the NeuroNode to select what I want instantly… The NeuroNode Trilogy System is by far the most thought out assistive technology device that I have ever seen.”

– Emma Lockwood, Student, Entrepreneur, + NeuroNode Controller

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