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Control Bionics EMG and Spatial Technology

Control Bionics offers the NeuroNode, a small, wireless, wearable sensor that allows a user to operate a computer with minimal to no movement. The NeuroNode can be connected to any place on the body and activate a signal to send emails, answer phone calls, control smart lights, and more.

Control Bionics has partnered with the VA to meet the needs of veterans all over the US.
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The NeuroNode Sensor is One-of-a-Kind

This innovative piece of technology may be small, but the control it allows our users to have is powerful. Use the NeuroNode to activate lights, personal feeding devices, gaming, computer access, and more. No one else has this kind of technology and we think our veterans deserve the best. Learn more about how the NeuroNode works in this short video.

See the NeuroNode in Action

NeuroNode and Obi Dining Robot

Check out Tyler Schrenk, NeuroNode user, using his sensor to demonstrate the combination of the NeuroNode and Obi Dining Robot. He showcases the independence and control it makes possible for veterans.

Dine with confidence and independence. Control the Obi with just one sensor.

With the activation of the NeuroNode, Obi allows users to select between four compartments of food and command when the food is captured and delivered to the mouth. The simple and intuitive operation allows the users to be in complete control.

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