Noah Callan, Kids+ AAC and Tech Coordinator, Reviews the NeuroNode Trilogy

The Kids+ Foundation provides specialist physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology services to kids in Australia. Their AAC and Tech Coordinator, Noah Callan, used the NeuroNode Trilogy and reviewed the system in a video.

In the video, he talks about his experience with the NeuroNode Trilogy and what it can do. He explains the complex technology in a simple, easy to understand way, going through the different access options and settings.

“I struggled when I first tested it out, but then after a few tries I was getting the hang of it. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes.” – Noah Callan

The Trilogy utilizes eye control, touch control, and EMG using the NeuroNode. Callan doesn’t use his hands due to his CP, and instead uses the electrodes controlled by his mouth. He clicks by clenching his jaw, sending a signal to the device. You can also work the device using eye gaze, “basically it allows the user to control the machine without any hands,” said Callen.

Curious to see the impact of this device in the Kids Plus community, Callan spoke with CEO Rob Wong about the possibilities.

He dove into the settings: turning it on, connecting it to the sensor options, and using the Grid3 software. He adjusted the settings to make the perimeters work best for his abilities, and went into detail about how the different voltage can change the sensitivity of the device.

Control Bionics is happy to work with organizations like Kids Plus Foundation to provide life-changing connections. Watch the full video review here, and contact us for more information on the NeuroNode Trilogy.

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