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Control Bionics Trilogy Systems

Control Bionics offers a suite of dedicated speech generating devices and accessories to give people living with complex communication and physical needs their voice.

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NeuroNode Trilogy NN Kit photo
Control Bionics Trilogy System

The NeuroNode Trilogy combines touch, eye control, and EMG/Spatial control for a faster and less fatiguing dedicated speech generating device.

The NeuroNode Trilogy has three access methods to provide a flexible communication solution for those with complex speech and physical needs. Multimodal access makes the user more efficient in communicating, up to 47% faster than traditional eye gaze.

More Speed, Less Fatigue

Available in Windows and iOS
Control Bionics Trilogy System

The NeuroNode Duo is a speech generating device with powerful access methods that make the user more effective in communicating.

With EMG (electromyography) and Spatial control options, the NeuroNode Duo gives the user communication possibilities they’ve never had before.  The wireless sensor moves with the user, allowing flexible placement for users of all abilities and range of motion – even the most minimal movement can trigger the sensor, giving the user control and independence.

Access Full Potential

Available in Windows and iOS
EyeGaze Duo photo
Control Bionics Trilogy System

The EyeGaze Duo is a speech generating device providing streamlined access through either touch or eye gaze.

Eye gaze allows the user to control a computer mouse with their eyes. The camera and software determine what button the user is looking at and, if they hold their gaze long enough, the device selects it. Both eye gaze and touch access can be fully customized to meet the needs of the user with the EyeGaze Duo. In addition, both eye gaze and touch can be used with symbol or text based communication.

See the Difference

Available in Windows and iOS
Uno Touch Surface photo
Control Bionics Trilogy System

The Uno Touch is a robust, lightweight speech generating device for people with communication disabilities.

Designed to be easy to use in a variety of situations, the Uno Touch comes with an external wireless speaker and a shoulder strap. Easily control speaker volume, screen brightness, and other settings from the main screen. With the Uno Touch, gain access to a variety of software solutions depending on the needs of the user, from symbol to text based and phrases/sentences to single words/spelling.

Built for Mobility

Available in Windows and iOS


Gain control with NeuroNode, the world’s only wireless, wearable sensor that gives the user the ability to access their technology by bioelectric signals or spatial movements.

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